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Xcode Button Tutorial for iPhone using Swift in Xcode 7

By Jesse Feiler Xcode has Interface Builder built into it so that you can desn your interface graphiy.

Connecting Outlets & Actions in the Storyboard. - Seemu Apps

The key to making it all work is to connect the graphical elements from Interface Builder to your Swift files.

<b>Xcode</b> <b>Button</b> Tutorial for iPhone using Swift in <b>Xcode</b> 7

How to Create Outlets and Actions in Xcode Using Swift - Swift Tips.

This tutorial was written for Xcode 3.2; it's outdated now.

Storyboards Tutorial in iOS 9 Part 2 - Ray Wenderlich

For a more up-to-date tutorial, check out Apple's App Development Tutorial to learn how to write i OS apps.

Xcode hook up button:

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